Christmas Wreaths, Christmas centerpieces & balsam Christmas decorations shipped fresh from Maine. Decorate this Christmas season with wreaths from Maine.

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2010 Fundraising Terms & Conditions

Click here to print Fundraising Terms & Conditions agreement (PDF).

  • Please print, sign, date and fax to : 1-800-439-1422
  • We must receive this signed and dated form in order for your organization to participate.
  • A deposit of $300.00 and an estimate of total products needed by November 1.
  • 50% deposit with final order and desired ship date. We must be notified at least seven business days before desired ship date.
  • Balance paid within 10 days after order is received. Balances not paid within ten days will be subject to an interest fee of 5%".
  • Shipping charges will be exact costs.
  • We will provide you with a per item cost for bulk shipping.
  • Orders under 50 pc. will be charged at the direct ship per piece cost plus the cost of bulk shipping. Direct
  • Ship-prices can be found on the product description page.
  • Orders paid by Credit Card will be assessed a 5% processing fee.
  • Small numbers of orders added to the initial order will be charged $2.00 per item plus any additional shipping costs incurred.
  •  Balances not paid by December 31 will be subject to an additional interest fee of 5%.

The wreaths were wonderful this year---thank you!!!
Plymouth Congo Church


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