Christmas Wreaths, Christmas centerpieces & balsam Christmas decorations shipped fresh from Maine. Decorate this Christmas season with wreaths from Maine.

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Lobster Trap Centerpiece

Our Lobster Trap Centerpiece Maine, where the mountains meet the sea. Colorful buoys can be seen all along the rocky shoreline.  They are floating the rope that's used to pull up the lobster trap sitting on the ocean floor.  Fishermen from places such as Winter Harbor, Beals Island and Eastport have fished for lobster in this way for generations. This centerpiece combines the greenery and fragrance of the Maine woodlands with the traditional tools of Maine's lobster fishermen.  Featuring a base of balsam fir and cedar greens, with two red candles, our centerpiece displays a four inch lobster trap, two colorful buoys and several seashells.

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Xmas centerpiece

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Balsam Centerpiece

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